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Philadelphia Passes Used Car Lemon Law

Philadelphia has a new lemon law covering the sale of used cars. The Philadelphia Used Car Lemon Law, sponsored by Councilman Darrell L. Clarke, was signed by Mayor Nutter on July 2, 2008.

The law protects purchasers of used cars in Philadelphia by giving them the opportunity to have their used car inspected by a licensed mechanic with 72 hours of purchase. If a defect is discovered, the purchaser has the right to seek a full refund from the selling dealer.

The Philadelphia Used Car Lemon Law is a benefit to consumers since the Pennsylvania Lemon Law only covered the sale of new cars, and does not apply to used cars.

Congratulations to Mayor Nutter, Councilman Darrell L. Clarke, Lance Haver at the Consumer Affairs Office, and the City of Philadelphia, for giving used car buyers greater rights.

1-800-MY-LEMON, Philadelphia’s largest lemon law firm, is thrilled with the passage of this new law!

Below is a summary of the Philadelphia Used Car Lemon Law:

1. A purchaser of a used vehicle may return the vehicle within 72 hours after purchase if it is:

a. Unable to pass safety or emission inspection; or

b. Is found by a certified inspection mechanic to have an undisclosed major structural defect. *mechanic must do so in writing.

2. Upon return of any such vehicle the dealer shall within 10 days either repair the vehicle at the dealers own expense; or refund all moneys paid for such vehicle.

3. Dealers must also provide a copy of any written warranty to the purchaser within fifteen (15) days of payment for the warranty, and shall perform the repairs set forth in the warranty promptly upon presentation of the warrantied vehicle for repair. At the time of purchase, the dealer shall disclose to the purchaser, in writing in large capital letters, whether the warranty is provided by the dealer, the manufacturer or a third party.

4. Office of Consumer Affairs will take complaints and determine their merit. L&I; will thereafter issue citations and enforce. If you purchased a used car and feel the dealer is not upholding their responsibilities, contact the Philadelphia Office of Consumer Affairs at 215-686-7598

5. 1st offense is a Code Violation Notice (CVN). (accrues each day issue not rectified); Repeat offense may result in suspension or revocation of the dealer’s Automobile Sales License and/or Business Privilege License.

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