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Press Releases

Gorberg & Associates, aka 1-800-MY-LEMON, Win $7,500 Jury Award On "Lemon Law" Case Against Chrysler
May 3, 2011
An Atlantic City, New Jersey consumer won a $7,500.00 jury verdict against Chrysler for a breach of warranty "lemon law" claim in connection with her purchase of a defective 2006 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Dina Buttino filed suit against Chyrsler in Atlantic County Superior Court after numerous failed attempts to repair her defective convertible roof. Read more...

David J. Gorberg of of David J. Gorberg & Associates, P.C. Nominated for Cambridge Who's Who Directory
May 13, 2010
David J. Gorberg was recently nominated for inclusion in Cambridge Who's Who directory. Cambridge Who's Who is an online compilation of biographies of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs in nearly every industry and career field. Read more...

Honda Announces Recall of 400,000 Vehicles In Compliance with Lemon Law
March 30, 2010
Honda recalls of nearly 400,000 Odyssey minivans and Element small truck from 2007-2008 will go into effect by the end of April 2010, in compliance with lemon law safety issues. Over time, brake pedals can feel “soft” and need to be pressed increasingly closer to the floor in order to completely stop vehicles. Read more...

Wisconsin Court Orders Mercedes-Benz to Pay Large Fines Due to Lemon Law Statutes
March 10, 2010
A judge has ordered Mercedes-Benz USA LLC to pay $482,000 in damages and legal fees to a Wisconsin customer who was sold a defective car and not given a refund on time. The conflict had been ongoing for four years and remains one of the largest cases involving a single car under a state lemon law. Read more...

Avoid Buying A Lemon Car & Know Your Lemon Law Rights
March 3, 2010
Calling all cautious consumers - some proactive methods practiced while seeking and before purchasing a car can save buyers the hassle of finding out they own lemon cars after the fact. Read more...

Emergency Vehicles Added Under the New Jersey Lemon Law
March 1, 2010
1-800-MY-LEMON, The Lemon Law Lawyers, have received many phone calls from Toyota owners requesting lemon law information about the sudden acceleration problem and recalls of the floor mats as well as gas pedal. Read more...

Emergency Vehicles Added Under the New Jersey Lemon Law
February 19, 2010
Cherry Hill, NJ – A new bill went into effect January 18 to include emergency vehicles under the New Jersey lemon law protection, including ambulances, fire trucks, police cars and other vehicles. The changes outline conditions for company reimbursement or replacements of emergency vehicles. Read more...

As Toyota Announces Fix to Comply with Lemon Laws, LaHood Advises “Stop Driving”
February 11, 2010
Cherry Hill, NJ - Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in Congressional testimony last week that owners of recalled vehicles should 'stop driving it, take it to a Toyota dealer because they believe they have a fix for it.' LaHood later retracted his statement and rephrased the recommendation to Toyota owners to bring their cars to their dealership for assistance. By that time, Toyota stock had fallen 5%. Read more...

Toyota Announces Plan to Address Recalled Accelerator Pedals in Compliance with Lemon Law
February 03, 2010
Pittsburg, PA — Toyota announces they will begin fixing accelerator pedal safety issues this week after the voluntary recall of 2.3 million vehicles. The proposed solution reinforces the pedal assembly to reduce friction that Toyota says may cause the pedal to stick. Toyota has indicated that they will ship parts to dealers and begin dealer training immediately. Read more...

Toyota Has Yet to Formalize Buy Back Plan Under the Lemon Law
December 28, 2009
An article written by the Los Angeles Times insinuating that Toyota delayed recalls and deflected blame to human error has elicited some heated debate and an official response from Toyota. The LA Times investigation puts the death toll from unexpected, sudden acceleration of Toyota vehicles at 19 since 2001. While Toyota has issued its biggest recall to address the problem, it maintains publicly that proof of a defect is yet to be validated. Read more...

New Jersey Improves Lemon Law Consumer Notification
December 18, 2009
New Jersey took significant steps to improve consumer protection and the remedies available to consumers unfortunate enough to end up buying a lemon. With the new requirements, a copy of the revised New Jersey lemon law must be provided to consumer in bolded font at least 10 points or larger at the time a vehicle is purchased or leased. Read more...

Toyota Details Plan to Comply with Lemon Law Requirements to Fix Acceleration Defect
December 4, 2009
Toyota has announced the list of vehicles involved in its largest recall ever recall for a safety defect causing unexpected acceleration attributed to floor mat jamming. The recall affects various model years of the Toyota Camry, Toyota Avalon, Toyota Prius, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Lexus ES 350, Lexus IS 250, and Lexus IS 350.Read more...

Can Toyota Recall Stave Off Future Lemon Law Claims?
November 27, 2009
Toyota has taken proactive measures to address safety concerns with a poor combination of floor mats and pedal position causing problems with braking and acceleration. The voluntary recall has been issued by the manufacturer across many models, including the Prius, Camry, Avalon, Tacoma, and Tundra. Reports of sudden acceleration possibly resulting from complications of floor mat jamming have prompted Toyota to issue its most widespread recall ever. Read more...

Car Dealership Faces License Review from Lemon Law and Overstocking Complaints
November 25, 2009
A car dealership is facing license review due to multiple complaints of poor business practices, including selling vehicles with dangerous mechanical problems and exceeding the number of vehicles allowed on the lot at one time. Read more...

Lemon Law Protection and Awareness Improving in NJ and MA
November 13, 2009
Starting this month, Oklahoma consumers will have better, clearer options if they find themselves owning a lemon under Senate Bill 812. The new law can be credited to the efforts of Angie Vera, who discovered the complexities and frustrations of the Oklahoma Lemon Law first hand.

Oklahoma Joins New Jersey in Better Lemon Law Protection for Consumers
November 12, 2009
Some states are tackling lemon law protection for their residents head on. While federal law dictates some standard measures of consumer protection for vehicle buyers, such as an odometer disclosure and a window sticker indicating if a car is being sold as is or with a warranty, each state has very different policies for protecting consumers under the lemon law.

Pennsylvania Lemon Law - 10 Facts Car Owners Should Know
November 1, 2009
In order to better understand the Pennsylvania Lemon Law we have listed the most important facts which every Pennsylvania new car owner should know.

The New and Improved New Jersey Lemon Law
October 12, 2009
New Jersey Governor. Jon S. Corzine, has signed into law a new and improved New Jersey lemon law. The changes enhance consumer protections and provide greater rights to owners of lemon cars throughout New Jersey. New Jersey's new and improved lemon law.

Congratulations to New Jersey For Passing a New Lemon Law with Better Consumer Protection!
October 3, 2009
David J. Gorberg & Associates (1-800-MY-LEMON), Pennsylvania and New Jersey's Premier Lemon Law firm is proud to announce New Jersey's new and improved lemon law.

Lemon Law Attorney, David J. Gorberg, Named A Pennsylvania Super Consumer Lawyer For A Fifth Year In a Row
June, 2008
David J. Gorberg, Esquire of the lemon law firm David J. Gorberg & Associates, has been named, for a fifth time as a 2008 Pennsylvania Super Consumer Lawyer in a recent study by Philadelphia Magazine and Law & Politics Magazine.

1-800-MY LEMON, PA and NJ's Lemon Law Attorneys, Announce New Managing Attorney Tammy Schmitt
March 17, 2008
Lemon Law Attorney, David J. Gorberg, has named Tammy Schmitt as the new Managing Attorney of his lemon law firm. The move recognizes Ms. Schmitt' outstanding leadership in 2007 that resulted in unprecedented levels of success and client service.

David J. Gorberg and Associates, PA and NJ's Lemon Law Attorneys, announce the hiring of Lemon Law Attorney Amy Cox
February 28, 2008
In this position, Ms. Cox will focus on New Jersey and Pennsylvania lemon law litigation.

Senate Commerce Committee Approves Bill To Expand NJ's Lemon Law
February 6, 2008
Jim Griffin of Politicer.com reports that New Jersey's Lemon Law, the second best in the nation according to The Center for Auto Safety, may be getting even better.

Lemon Law Firm Hires New Attorney For It’s Philadelphia Lemon Law Office
January 15, 2007
David J. Gorberg and Associates, PA and NJ’s Lemon Law Attorneys, announce the hiring of Samuel LeHew as an associate attorney in it’s Philadelphia lemon law office.

David J Gorberg and Associates Featured at Lemon Law Administrators Conference
October 22, 2007
DavidJ Gorberg and Associates participated in panel discussion at the 10th anniversary lemon law administrators conference in Atlantic City.

MyLemon.com, PA & NJ's Lemon Law Attorneys, Unveils Internet Web Site Redesign
September 24, 2007
David J. Gorberg & Associates, PA & NJ's Lemon Law attorneys announced today that redesign work is completed on its Internet Web site, www.MyLemon.com.

Lemon Law Attorney, David J. Gorberg Named to The Top 100 Super Lawyer List for Pennsylvania and Philadelphia
June 18, 2007
David J. Gorberg, Esquire of the lemon law firm of David J. Gorberg & Associates, has been named, for a forth time as a 2007 Pennsylvania Super Lawyer.

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