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Philadelphia Used Car Lemon Law May Be On the Horizon

KYW Newsradio’s Mike Dunn reported this morning that a new bill aimed at protecting buyers of used cars was approved by the Philadelphia city council yesterday.

The bill is structured such that a consumer purchasing a used car has 3 days to have the used car inspected by a mechanic and if for any reason it is deemed “not roadworthy” then they would be entitled to having the car fixed or receiving a full refund.

The bill will now be put before the full city council for approval. We’ll be sure to post any updates on the measure.

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A Lemon Law for Electronics?

In the past few weeks the New Jersey Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee pushed legislation to extend the NJ automotive lemon law to also cover consumer electronics such as televisions, mp3 players and computers. Similar to the automotive laws, any electronic devices that are not repaired within three attempts will need to be replaced by the manufacturer.

The new legislation seems like a great development for New Jersey residents.
If you have purchased electronics that have turned out to be defect then you certainly have a right to a refund or a replacement. We’ll post updates on the bill as they become available.

For more information on the legislation, read the Assembly Democrats news release.

Resources That You Might Have Missed

We’ve put together a few really great resources over the past few months that we wanted to call attention to.

First, we pulled together a bunch of myths about the lemon law and dispelled them in an article entitled “Lemon Law Myths Busted“.

Secondly, to simplify understanding the lemon law we created an article that is a real basic intro to how lemon laws work and what is usually covered by the laws.

Give both of these a peek if you’re looking for more info on the lemon law.