Philadelphia Used Car Lemon Law Bill Passes

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that City Councilman Darrell Clarke yesterday won passage of legislation he wrote to close a loophole in the state’s Lemon Law for car sales.

The state law covers new cars but does little to protect buyers of used cars, Clarke said.

The legislation, if signed into law by Mayor Nutter, would require used-car dealers to fix any “undisclosed major structural defect” within 10 days of a complaint from a buyer or refund the cost of the car.

At 1-800-MY-LEMON, we receive numerous calls from consumers who have purchased defective used cars. Unfortunately we are not always able to provide assistance under the current Pennsylvania lemon law. With the addition of the new Philadelphia Used Car Lemon Law, consumers of defective used cars will now have the ability to seek a refund. Thank you Philadelphia City Council and Councilman Darrell Clarke for helping consumers and giving them greater rights.

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