Oklahoma seeks to waive usage fees for lemon car replacements

For consumers of new defective cars in Oklahoma there is very good news in this difficult economy. The Oklahoma House has passed a bill to strengthen it’s state lemon law.

Specifically Oklahoma has decided to reduce the amount a consumer has to pay in usage fee when a car is repurchased by the manufacturer. And in cases where a consumer is provided a new car for his/her lemon, the state prohibits a manufacturer from charging a mileage fee. Thus the consumer pays nothing to the manufacturer for replacing the lemon car.

1-800-MY-LEMON applauds this change and believes that this waiver of the usage fee for replaced cars is badly needed in other states, such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Each year our lemon law firm represents thousands of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware consumers for their lemon law claims. Many of our cases settle for a replacement cars requiring our clients to spend out of pocket money in the form of paying a usage fee. In a good economy our clients are able to comply with the usage fee requirement. However in trying times, such as today’s recession, the usage fee requirement adds an unreasonable burden on consumers seeking a lemon law replacement car, especially the ones who have lost their jobs or have had their salary reduced.

1-800-MY-LEMON recommends the change to the usage fee for The Pennsylvania Lemon Law and New Jersey Lemon Law, since it would put more money back into the pockets of the consumers.

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