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Chrysler agrees to lemon law changes to bankruptcy plan

As reported in the Detroit News, Chrysler LLC said today it would honor lemon law claims from existing owners.

Under state and federal laws, owners of defective new vehicles can demand repairs or replacement vehicles if a new vehicle can’t be fixed. Chrysler will agree to “recognize, honor and pay liabilities under lemon law for additional repairs, refund or replacement of a defective vehicle,” the company said in a legal filing today. Chrysler had already agreed to honor existing warranties.


In the wake of Chrysler’s bankruptcy, many individuals have been effected. Most thoughts go first to the automakers themselves, then the suppliers, on down to the individual car dealerships and their employees. There is one group that remains forgotten – and now it seems Chrysler is seeking to keep it that way.

Those persons who have brought Lemon Law and Breach of Warranty suits for their defective vehicles are in a state of limbo. All cases that are currently filed in state and federal courts are stayed. Anyone who had settled a lawsuit but had not yet been paid at the time Chrysler filed for bankruptcy has yet to see their recovery. This means that in addition to countless persons being owed money by Chrysler for unpaid claims, there are others whose vehicles were to be bought back by the manufacturer or replaced, and are now stuck with defective vehicles, or in the worst cases left without vehicles that the manufacturer had taken possession of and without the money to replace them.

Normally when a company emerges from bankruptcy those cases that were stayed may be re-listed by courts; the settled matters, if part of a bankruptcy sale, will be paid, giving consumers a light at the end of the tunnel. Chrysler, in its agreement of sale to Italian automaker Fiat, appears to oblige the purchaser to honor warranties and warranty based claims, their conduct however, appears a complete contradiction.

Having advocated for consumer rights for years, this is a troubling sign of things to come. Should Chrysler have all claims filed prior to the bankruptcy discharged, those consumers who purchased these defective products will be without any recourse. If General Motors files for bankruptcy June 1, we could see the same issues emerge. I urge all consumers to contact their state representatives and tell them to fight for their rights.

This is what we love to see…Another happy lemon law client!

Dear David Gorberg and Staff,

You recently helped me with a lemon law claim, I called about with my 2005 Mazda 6. I honestly wasn’t expecting any kind of money, I was just looking to not be stuck with a “lemon” and getting stuck with payments. But everyone in your office was so courteous and friendly, it was just a pleasure to talk to Nicole and all the girls who helped me. It a good feeling to know that nice friendly people like all of you are still out there. Please please enjoy this card, hope it makes everyone smile. Thank you all very much.

Melissa D.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Spring Rain Causes Lemon Law Pain

With the heavy rain we experienced today, our lemon law firm was inundated, or better yet, flooded with cases, 20 and counting, from Pennsylvania and New Jersey consumers requesting free lemon law help for car water leaks. So we decided to address this possible lemon law condition.

For most people, heavy rain results in congested rush hour roadways and perhaps increased travel time. However, for some unlucky car owners, driving in heavy rain means having to deal with annoying water leaks. Rainwater dripping steadily down from the bottom of the dash and causing water damage to the carpet and underlying pad. The water leak is not only aggravating, but if allowed to persist, can turn into a hazardous mold condition.

At 1-800-MY-LEMON we have discovered that water leaks are usually caused by 2 problems..defective seals and/or defective drains.

1. Seals – Window seals and weatherstripping are designed to keep interior air in and the outside air out. A hissing or whistle condition is a sign that the seal or weatherstripping is damaged. Inspect the windows for missing or damaged seals. Specifically, lumps or other imperfections may be preventing a seal and letting water in. There are 2 ways to check if the seal is working properly:

a. Chalk – Rub chalk on the surface of the weather strip. When you close the door, chalk will transfer from the strip to the door on areas that are sealed properly.

b. Dollar – Place a dollar bill in between the door and the car. Shut the door and then try and pull the dollar out. If your car is properly sealed, you will not be able to pull the dollar out.

2. Drains – Cars are made to channel water to places that are designed as drains. You may not realize it, but water flows all over the inside of a car body. Water can run inside the C pillars, the inside of doors, and through the cowl vents. Therefore it is important that you inspect your car for debris that can block the drains. This is especially true in cowling shields.

Needless to say, it is very important to service your car for any leaks at the dealer. By following the above you may be able to isolate the auto water leak and inform the dealer as to the location. Should the dealer fail to repair the leak, you should contact a lemon law firm, such as 1-800-MY-LEMON (1-800-695-3666) to obtain a refund or new car under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law or New Jersey Lemon Law.
posted by David Gorberg

MyLemon hangs out with BenFM at Suburban Square, Ardmore

To our surprise BenFM showed up at the court yard of Suburban Square. Being big fans of the radio station, our lemon law crew rushed out to greet and welcome them to our lemon law headquarters.

Congrats to Kristy, Nicole, Jackie and Anne for winning gifts and appearing on BenFM’s website video.

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