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Honda Announces Recall of 400,000 Vehicles In Compliance with Lemon Law

Honda recalls of nearly 400,000 Odyssey minivans and Element small truck from 2007-2008 will go into effect by the end of April 2010, in compliance with lemon law safety issues. Over time, brake pedals can feel “soft” and need to be pressed increasingly closer to the floor in order to completely stop vehicles.

To qualify under the New Jersey Lemon Law, the vehicle defect must substantially impair the use, value or safety of the vehicle – the braking system of a vehicle is included in this definition. As a result, Honda will recall vehicles in order to modify the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) modulator. This device powers the electronic stability control system, which selectively brakes each of the wheels to keep the vehicles upright during an emergency situation.

The VSA’s of affected vehicles were assembled with a small amount of air intrusion. Over a period of months or years, more air can accumulate and result in lowered brake pedals.

After being notified of the recall in mid-March, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported three crashes with minor injuries and no casualties due to the brake pedal issue, according to Chris Martin, Honda spokesman.

After receiving a number of customer complaints, Honda will be issuing notifications to customers with affected vehicles starting April 19. Honda owners should wait to get a letter from the company before scheduling repairs due to the unavailability of the necessary parts.

Honda drivers who suspect they have lost braking power should have their dealer check the brakes sooner, Martin said. The dealer can “bleed” air bubbles out of the hydraulic lines, which should fix the problem until the parts arrive, he said.

“Every owner of affected Honda vehicle should make an appointment to get their brake systems reinforced as soon as possible. Anyone who has experienced injury or loss of use of a vehicle due to a brake pedal safety defect should contact a qualified attorney with experience in handling lemon law cases to determine if additional steps need to be taken,” recommends lemon law attorney David Gorberg.

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David J. Gorberg & Associates, The Lemon Law Attorneys, has arbitrated, settled and litigated thousands of lemon law claims to date, throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, recovering millions of dollars for it’s clients. 1-800 MY LEMON (1-800-695-3666) or

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