Not Just Cars…Lemon Law Firm Gets Money Back for Household Products!

Each year 1-800-MY-LEMON, the lemon law attorneys, represents thousands of consumers for defective cars. Even though we specialize in defective cars, we are able to help consumers get money back for defective products which have nothing to do with cars. Below are a list of recently settled cases for products other then cars.

1. 2006 Expensive Dacor Cappuccino Machine – Full refund in the amount of $2,000.00 to client and payment of attorney fees. Client also was able to keep machine.

2. 2010 Whirlpool Refrigerator – Damaged door during delivery- Repair of Refrigerator door and payment of $1500.00 to client.

3. Defective Sony Computer – Repair of Computer and payment of $2,000.00 to client. Client also was able to keep computer.

4. House Painter causes paint damage to sports car while spray painting a chandelier in the garage next to the sports car. Full repair of car costing in excess of $5,000.00 and in addition $7,000.00 payment to client. Cost of repair and payment to client was made through painter’s insurance company.

5. 2 year old Defective Hot Tub Spa -Brand new Hot Tub and payment of attorney fees.

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