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Avoid Buying A Lemon Car & Know Your Lemon Law Rights

Calling all cautious consumers – some proactive methods practiced while seeking and before purchasing a car can save buyers the hassle of finding out they own lemon cars after the fact.

  • Research manufacturers and dealer websites to find the specifications and models of desired cars. Check consumer safety and protection agencies, like the Center for Auto Safety (CAS). Fortunately, all motor vehicles used for primarily personal use are covered under the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Lemon Law.
  • After selecting a model and make, search for the right dealer with a good profile. This is a vital step in avoiding buying a lemon car.
  • If buying a used car, don’t purchase it without a thorough check by the mechanic first. It may be worth spending money on the car before buying it to avoid a much greater amount on fixing it up after it is purchased.
  • Check the financing terms being offered by the dealer and compare them with other financing companies.
  • When buying a used car, always make sure that the vehicle is covered by a road worthiness certificate or a warranty.

Knowing your lemon rights can significantly help you track the information needed if you do purchase a lemon car.’s lemon law attorneys recommend that all vehicle owners:

  • Maintain a Complete Vehicle Record – Documenting your various attempts at fixing a particular defect is extremely important for your lemon law case. Never leave the dealer or manufacturer without a detailed statement of what was done to the vehicle, as well as any charges that may have been included.
  • Inquire about TSBs – When an automobile manufacturer discovers a defect or repair for a certain model of automobile, they send instructions to alert dealerships using what is known as TSBs. Make sure that the dealer representative who you are dealing with writes down your TSB request on the repair order.
  • Be Assertive – If you are having problems getting the problem properly fixed, ask to speak with the manager or a higher up to address your problem and concerns.
  • Be Wary of Certain Statements – The dealership may have something to gain by accusing the driver or owner of the vehicle of being responsible for the defect. This is often done because the dealership is unable to fix the problem.

If you think you have purchased a lemon car, check the New Jersey or Pennsylvania lemon law, and consult a lemon law attorney for your next steps.

The Lemon Law Attorneys at David J. Gorberg & Associates have arbitrated, settled and litigated thousands of lemon law claims throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, recovering millions of dollars for their clients. Find more information at or call 1-800-MyLemon.