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Recall Alert: VW’s New 2009 Tiguan, 2008 Passat Wagons

As reported by David Thomas at, Kick Tires, VW has issued a Recall Alert for it’s New 2009 Tiguan SUV and it’s 2008 Passat Wagons. Apparently the recall is for a defective Engine Control Module, which could cause an engine surge when the A/C is on. Owners are urged to bring their vehicles into the dealership in order to immediately correct the problems. David Thomas notes, that there is also a hold on Tiguan and Passat sales until all the modules are inspected.

VW has issued several recalls, for other 2008 vehicles, in the past year which includes the following:

1. VW GTI, Jetta, R32, and Rabbit – Headlights can’t be adjusted, and could cause reduced road visibility, thus increasing the risk of a crash (340,000 vehicles potentially affected)

2. New Beetle – The wrong glue was used to attach roof spoilers, meaning they could come loose or fall off the car and create an obstacle to other vehicles or hit a person outside of the car

3. Touareg – A faulty fuel supply line could lead to a gas leak, which could cause a fire.

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