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Lemon Law Myths Busted
I bought a used car, so I don't have a claim. This is a myth for two reasons. First, under your state's Lemon Law you may have a monetary claim, though it may not include replacement of the vehicle. Secondly, your car may be under manufacturer's warranty, or you may have had problems with the vehicle in the past while it was still under the warranty's coverage. Bottom line: Lemon Laws in all states were written for the protection of the consumer, so don't assume that you have no recourse. Let a qualified attorney make that determination.

Soured on the new-car experience? Maybe you bought a lemon.

Except for your home, your car may be the most expensive purchase you'll ever make. It's no wonder then that car makers are not quick to offer refunds or to replace defective products. Fortunately for the consumer there is the Lemon Law. Lemon laws have taken what was once a daunting challenge-getting automakers and dealers to take responsibility for defective products-and made it an expectation of car buyers. But merely knowing that the law exists does not amount to using it. To do this, the well-informed consumer must know a few lemon-law basics.

Top 20 Lemon Car Complaints

Listing of the top 20 lemon car complaints on file with the National Highway for Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

VW and Audi 1.8T Engine Coil Problems

We've seen a number of claims regarding problems with a coil pack on a 2002 and 2001 1.8T engine in certain VW and Audi cars. Thanks to the B5.5 Auto Forum we are providing information concerning the coil problems, and how it may affect your VW or Audi 1.8T engine.

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