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New Jersey Motorcycle Lemon Law

Have you purchased or leased a lemon motorcycle? If you own or lease a lemon motorcycle, then you are covered under the New Jersey Lemon Law. Under the New Jersey Lemon Law the manufacturer must replace your defective motorcycle or refund the entire purchase price. The New Jersey Motorcycle Lemon Law also require the manufacturer to pay all attorney fees. Below is a summary of the New Jersey Motorcycle Lemon Law:

New Jeresy Motorcycle Lemon Law New Jersey Lemon Law Statute Motorcycles Covered? Presumptions
New Jersey Lemon Law Statutes Annotated, 56:12-29 to 56:12-49 Yes - Motorcycles are covered under the New Jersey Lemon Law 3 unsuccessful repairs or 20 calendar days out of service within shorter of 2 years or 18,000 miles. Leased Motorcycles are covered.

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