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New Motor Vehicle Damage

Each year thousands of consumers, without their knowledge, purchase new motor vehicles in Pennsylvania which have been damaged prior to sale. Pennsylvania specifically addressed this problem with the enactment of the New Motor Vehicle Damage Disclosure Act. The Purpose of the Act is to assure, that purchasers of new motor vehicles, are made aware of any repairs made to their motor vehicle before they take title to it.

The Act requires the dealer/manufacturer to disclose damage in writing, both repaired and repairable damage, that exceeds $500.00 or 3% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, whichever is greater. The act requires that the repair or repairable costs to be used, is the dealers retail charge for the same work on the date the repair were made.

Where it is determined that a disclosure is required, the Act requires the dealer to make the disclosure in writing prior to the sale, and obtain a signature from the buyer acknowledging the damage. If a dealer fails to comply with the requirements of this act, the buyer is entitled to seek a refund of the purchase price of the damaged vehicle. 

Our firm has represented many clients for damages pursuant to this act, resulting in the recovery of cash refunds from numerous dealers. If you purchased a new vehicle which was damaged before the sale, and you were not informed of said damage, call our firm at 1-800-MY-LEMON (1-800-695-3666) for cost free legal help.

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