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Changes in PA Lemon Law

Two significant changes have been made to the Pennsylvania Lemon Law since it’s initial passage in 1984.

Pennsylvania Lemon Law now includes leased vehicles

The Pennsylvania Lemon Law now includes full coverage for defective cars which were leased after February 11, 2002. Prior to this date there was no coverage for consumers who leased a defective vehicle. The change to the Pennsylvania Lemon Law is important since leasing now includes a substantial number of all new car sales. The change to the PA Lemon Law also reflects the increase of leased cars from 1984, when only a small number of car purchases were leased. Under the changed PA Lemon Law, consumers of leased cars now have the same lemon law rights as consumers of purchased cars, and may seek a full refund or new car replacement under the law. View the actual Pennsylvania Lemon Law bill covering leased lemon cars.

View a summary of the Pennsylvania Lemon Lawand it's requirements. We have also provided further  information and answers to PA Lemon Law questions, which will provide guidance to your lemon law rights.

Pennsylvania Lemon Law protects used car consumers from lemon buybacks

Effective December 1, 2002 all dealers and auto manufacturers are required to notify in writing to used car buyers of the lemon history of any lemon car buyback. Prior to the change of the Pennsylvania Lemon Law only the manufacturer had the duty to notify the consumer of a vehicle’s lemon history, by placing a sticker on the window, as well as supplying a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty. Unfortunately, the law did not require the dealer to keep the sticker on the window, or require the dealer to directly notify the consumer of the lemon buyback. The change in the lemon law, now requires the dealer to notify in writing of the lemon status, and specifically requires the dealer to obtain a signature from the consumer acknowledging the lemon history. The new PA Lemon Law, also requires the manufacturer to brand the title in order to reflect the lemon history of the car. Should the dealer or manufacturer fail to abide by the new PA Lemon Law, civil penalties will be imposed in the amount of $2,000.00 per car, as well as requiring the dealer and or manufacturer to replace or refund the leased car at no cost to the consumer.

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