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1-800-MY LEMON, PA and NJ's Lemon Law Attorneys, Announce New Managing Attorney Tammy Schmitt

Philadelphia, PA , March 17, 2008 - David J. Gorberg, the lemon law attorney, is taking further steps to improve the service his law firm provides to Pennsylvania and New Jersey Lemon Law clients by promoting Ms. Tammy Schmitt to managing attorney.

As of February 1, 2008, Tammy Schmitt was officially promoted to Managing Attorney of the lemon law firm, David J. Gorberg & Associates, A Professional Corporation. Ms. Schmitt will actively run the law firm's daily operations. "Tammy is a smart and hardworking lawyer, and I know that my law firm is in the right hands with her running the show. Over the past year, she has accomplished so much for my lemon law firm that now is the right time to recognize her with this promotion," claims David J. Gorberg.

Tammy Schmitt focused on improving the firm's legal department. In the past year, the law firm underwent major changes including a merge of the legal and client service departments. The drastic changes helped improve the access clients have with the attorneys and legal assistants.

"I am amazed," notes lemon law attorney, Mr. Gorberg. "We are enrolling more clients, answering more client calls, successfully resolving more cases than ever before, and all with a smaller staff than we had years ago. It is truly a remarkable accomplishment. It makes coming to work much more enjoyable for everyone, including me. And, if you think about it, the people who truly benefit the most from Tammy's leadership are our clients. That is really all that matters."

David J. Gorberg and Associates has arbitrated, settled and litigated thousands of Pennsylvania and New Jersey lemon law claims to date, recovering millions of dollars for it's clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Pennsylvania lemon law firm has become a household name throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey as a result of it's extensive TV, Radio and Billboard advertising, and use of it's famous 1-800-MY LEMON jingle.

David J. Gorberg & Associates is the largest lemon law firm in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and one of the most successful lemon law firms in country. The firm's offices are located in Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh PA and Marlton, New Jersey, and can be reached at 1-800 MY LEMON (1-800-695-3666) or by visiting the David J. Gorberg & Associates website at http://www.MyLemon.com.


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