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Pennsylvania Lemon Law - 10 Facts Car Owners Should Know

In order to better understand the Pennsylvania Lemon Law we have listed the most important facts which every Pennsylvania new car owner should know.

1. The Pennsylvania Lemon Law applies to all new vehicles purchased in the state, or originally registered in the state. The Pennsylvania Lemon law does not apply to used cars.

2. Only cars used for personal use are covered under the The Pennsylvania Lemon Law. Cars which are primarily used for business or commercial use are not covered under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law.

3. Motorcycles, trailers, campers, and ATV's are not covered under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law.

4. The Pennsylvania lemon law provides the manufacturer 3 repair attempts to correct a defect or condition that substantially impairs the use value or safety of the car. If the manufacturer fails to correct a defect in 3 repair attempts, then the consumer is entitled to a new car or full refund.

5. The owner of a lemon new car must bring the defective car into the dealer for repair at least one time within the first year of purchase or 12,000 miles whichever comes first.

6. Under Pennsylvania Lemon Law, you must bring your car for repair to an authorized dealer. Vehicles, which are repaired at non authorized dealers are not covered by the Pennsylvania Lemon Law.

7. The Pennsylvania Lemon Law permits the consumer to hold the manufacturer responsible for towing charges.

8. Pennsylvania Lemon Law does not apply to defects resulting from abuse or the misuse of the vehicle.

9. The Pennsylvania Lemon Law does not allow a manufacturer or dealer to sell a vehicle that was repurchased as a lemon unless the dealer obtains a signed written acknowledgement from the buyer.

10. The Pennsylvania Lemon Law mandates that all attorney fees shall be paid by the manufacturer if the consumer prevails on his or her lemon law claim.

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