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What To Do If I Have A Lemon

  1. Check the vehicle’s warranty in order to inform yourself about the proper steps to take to guarantee legal recourse. (A warranty is a written guarantee that the vehicle is of good, sound quality.)

  2. Hopefully, you can resolve the problem with your automobile dealer. They should want to remedy the problem to maximize future car sales.

  3. If you cannot resolve the problem with your automobile dealer, contact our firm by calling our toll free telephone number 1-800-MY-LEMON (1-800-695-3666), email us or complete our free lemon law case evaluation. We will attempt to quickly resolve the lemon law claim with the manufacturer at no cost to you. Should the manufacturer refuse to comply with it's lemon law obligations we will promptly file suit seeking compensation for you. Should your case settle, all fees and costs will be paid by the manufacturer. Regardless of the outcome, you are never responsible for paying our fees and costs.

Organize your Information

Always organize the pertinent information in chronological order. The paperwork should relate only to the defect that adversely affects the safety, use, and value of the vehicle. Maintain copies of:
  • The purchase order
  • The finance/lease agreement
  • Any repair or service orders
  • All correspondence you have with the dealer or manufacturer
  • Any document (signed statements) that could enhance your case

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