5 Lemon Law Mistakes To Avoid

Each year 1-800-MY-LEMON represents thousands of consumers seeking refunds for their defective lemon cars under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law & New Jersey Lemon Law statute.

While the lemon law can be viewed as straightforward, it is also technical, and many individuals fail to follow the proper steps in order to protect their rights.

1-800-MY-LEMON has prepared a list of 5 lemon law mistakes that consumers make prior to filing a lemon law claim. By avoiding these 5 lemon law mistakes, you will ensure that your lemon law claim proceeds most favorably to you.

1. Failing to obtain a written repair order.

The most important evidence in any lemon law claim are the repair orders documenting the defect. The law requires the vehicle be subject to repair for the defect, and the repair orders will validate your lemon law claim. Remember, a written document carries much more weight then your word. Therefore, never leave a dealership without obtaining a written repair order.

2. Failing to make sure your actual complaint is on the service report.

Always read the repair order before leaving the dealership, and verify that your actual complaint was properly documented. If you discover that your complaint was not documented, request the dealership, or service manager to change the repair order. Should they refuse to change the repair order, write down your actual complaint on the repair order next to your signature.

3. Trying to diagnose the defect or acting as your own mechanic.

Tell the service department the symptoms, and don’t try to diagnose the problem yourself. For example, If you think you have a noise in the engine, or front tire, don’t specify the location. Tell the service department that you have a noise in the front of the car. If you tell them it’s a noise in the engine and later complain about a noise coming from the front tire, it might be the same problem, but you have now made it two separate problems.

4. Continuing to take the vehicle in for repair, after the 3rd attempt, and not calling a lemon law attorney.

The Pennsylvania and New Jersey Lemon Law gives the dealer 3 repair attempts. After three repair attempts the manufacturer may be responsible for buying the car back from you. Therefore the best course of action is to seek the advice of a experienced lemon law attorney such as 1-800-MY-LEMON.

5. Trying to handle the claim yourself, or calling the manufacturer directly.

The lemon law encourages you to hire a lemon law attorney. The law specifically requires payment of all attorney fees by the manufacturer. An experienced lemon law attorney can successfully contact the manufacturer and obtain compensation for your lemon law claim. Finally, should the manufacturer refuse to compensate you for your lemon law claim, the attorney can file a law suit seeking damages for your lemon law claim. Why go it alone, when you can have an expert on your side, and best of all, completely free to you.

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