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New Jersey Lemon Law

The NJ Lemon Law was enacted for the express purpose of protecting consumers from buying new, but faulty, motor vehicles. The NJ Lemon Law statute provides consumers of defective cars the ability to seek a full refund of the purchase price of the car , or a new car replacement, should the manufacturer fail to abide by it's obligations under the lemon law act.

Call our firm at 1-800-MY-LEMON (1-800-695-3666) to learn more about your lemon law rights and how we can assist you in obtaining relief under the lemon law or federal warranty act. There's no fee or cost to you for our service.

NJ Lemon Law news update... New Jersey Lemon Law Rated 2nd Best Lemon Law by the Center For Auto Safety. Click here for more details.

What to do if you have a Lemon

  1. Hopefully, you can resolve the problem with your automobile dealer. They should want to remedy the problem to maximize future car sales.
  2. If you cannot resolve the problem with your automobile dealer, contact our firm by calling our toll free telephone number 1-800-MY-LEMON (1-800-695-3666), email us or complete our free case evaluation. We will attempt to quickly resolve the lemon law claim with the manufacturer at no cost to you. Should the manufacturer refuse to comply with it's lemon law obligations we will promptly file suit seeking compensation for you under the New Jersey Lemon Law and Federal Warranty Act. Should your case settle, all fees and costs are paid by the manufacturer. Regardless of the outcome, you never pay any fees are costs.

What is the New Jersey Lemon Law?

The New Jersey Lemon Law is a powerful state law which permits the consumer of a defective car to obtain a full refund of the purchase price, or new car replacement should the manufacturer fail to repair a nonconformity (defect or condition which substantially impairs the use, value of safety) within a reasonable number of attempts as defined in the lemon law. The New Jersey lemon law act further provides for payment of all legal fees and costs by the manufacturer should the consumer prevail under the act.

If you are aggravated enough to be reading this you may have a lemon and may be entitled to a settlement under the lemon law and/or federal warranty act. Our firm has represented thousands of consumers throughout New Jersey and we have been successful in obtaining lemon law and breach of warranty relief for many clients. Please call us at 1-800-MY-LEMON

(1-800-695-3666) to learn more about your rights, and how we can assist you in your lemon law and/or breach of warranty claim, or complete our free case evaluation.. There's no fee or cost to you for our service.

Click here to review a copy of the New Jersey Lemon Law.

What if I Start having Problems After the NJ Lemon Law year/mileage limitation?

You may still be entitled to compensation. There are other laws which govern warranties which may be used to assist you, including Federal Warranty Act, also known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Uniform Commercial Code. David J. Gorberg & Associates currently represents a great number of individuals whose vehicles did not start having problems during the lemon law year/mileage limitation.

Getting Your Vehicle Fixed

Always report defects directly to the manufacturer or the dealer as soon as you discover them. One of the best favors you can do for yourself is to keep good records of your interaction with the dealership or manufacturer and keep all of your receipts. Always get a dated and detailed print out when you take the vehicle in to get it fixed. It should include any charges for parts and labor, a general description of the problem, the odometer reading at the time you brought the vehicle in for repair and also when you pick up the car, as well as a list of all work performed. It should also state the date the vehicle was brought in for repair and the date you picked up the car. Insist on receiving these statements (it's your right under the law). Store them somewhere safe.

Repair Costs

Most manufacturers' warranties cover repairs for at least the first year after it is delivered or during the first 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. If your warranty ends and you still need repairs, you probably have to pay for them. However, you may be able to recover these costs if your vehicle is later proven to be a lemon. This is why it is so important to keep your receipts when you go in for repairs. For leased vehicles, the leasing contract will indicate who is responsible for such repair costs.

Number of Repair Attempts

The New Jersey Lemon Law permits the manufacturer, through it's authorized dealer a reasonable number of attempts, during the lemon law period, to repair a nonconformity.

Refund for Purchased Vehicles

In the case of a vehicle refund, the refund is calculated by taking the full purchase price of the vehicle, and then subtracting a "reasonable allowance for vehicle use."

In addition, the refund can include the money you spent for:
  • Sales tax, license and registration fees, finance charges, and any additional costs such as these
  • Options or modifications added by the manufacturer or its authorized dealer within 30 days after delivery date
  • Trade-in value

By "reasonable allowance for vehicle use," this means the purchase price times the mileage (odometer reading when first brought to the dealer or manufacturer for repair of the defect) divided by 100,000 miles.

Letís say the purchase price of your vehicle was $20,000. There are 10,000 miles on the odometer.

20,000 x 10,000 miles = 200,000,000

200,000,000 divided by 100,000 = $2000

The reasonable allowance for vehicle use here would be $2000.

Replacement for Purchased Vehicles

The manufacturer may offer to replace the vehicle, although you do not have to accept their offer (opting instead for a refund).

Court Action

Should the manufacturer fail to abide by the lemon law requirements, you have the right to file suit in the New Jersey Superior Court.

Tips for Taking Advantage of the NJ Lemon Law

Be sure to keep accurate written records of all service to your vehicle. When corresponding with the dealer, the manufacturer, send all mail by certified mail with a return receipt requested. And finally, insist on receiving copies of all repair orders (it's your right under the law).

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