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Pennsylvania Used Car Lemon Law

The Pennsylvania Lemon Law does not cover Used Cars. However, there are other laws, such as the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act that provide protection for the purchase of a used defective car.

If your used car is defective, our firm can help you get money back using the The Magnusson Moss Warranty Act . We have helped thousands of consumers of defective cars, recovering millions of dollars in settlements. The representation is completely free.

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The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.

This federal act, also known as the Federal Lemon Law, allows a consumers to bring a suit or claim for damages for a defective product. It is similar to the Pennsylvania Lemon Law in that it holds a manufacturer liable for itís failure to repair a defective product. Below is a brief summary of the The Magnusson Moss Warranty Act.

  • No Mileage Limitation: The Magnusson Moss Warranty Act does not have a mileage limitation. The Pennsylvania Lemon Law has a mileage limitation that restricts claims for problems that arose prior to 12,000 miles. Therefore any problems that occurred after the 12,000 mile restriction would not be covered under the Pennsylvania lemon law, but would be covered under the Magnusson Moss Warranty Act

  • Coverage for Used Motor Vehicles: The Magnusson Moss Warranty Act does not require the car to be purchased new. Used cars are covered under the The Magnusson Moss Warranty Act, provided that the defect occurred during the term of the warranty.

  • Cash with continued possession of car: The Magnusson Moss Warranty Act allows a consumer to seek a cash settlement and keep the car. The Magnusson Moss Warranty Act does not require the consumer to give the car back to the manufacturer.

  • Payment of Attorney Fees by Manufacturer: Similar to the Pennsylvania Lemon Law, The Magnusson Moss Warranty Act contains a provision which allows the consumer to compel the manufacturer to pay attorney fees.

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